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Stop Spending Your Inventory Budget on Vape Products That May Not Sell! Let Us Show You How!

VaporSearchUSA and vapRwear, the largest discrete wearable vape brand, team up to offer vape stores nationwide a consignment program with absolutely no financial risk.

vapRwear enters the vape market in an aggressive fashion by allowing the Brick and Mortar vape stores a no cost, and easy method, of testing the sales potential without spending money first. “VaporSearchUSA’s new ‘2 Steps to a Perfect Fit’ program is booming across the industry. It’s the only program… Read more »

VaporSearchUSA Announces an Incredible Way to ‘Try Before You Buy” Wholesale Products for Vape Shops; E-njoint, Europe’s Leading Vape Supplier, Agrees to Offer the Most Innovative Products to the North American Shops on Consignment!

E-njoint enters the US market in an aggressive fashion by opening a California based office, allowing the Brick and Mortar Vape Shops a no cost and easy method of testing sales potential without spending money first. “Our goal is to partner with the leading provider of new and unique Vape… Read more »

VaporSearchUSA Announces the Most Exciting Moment since the Beginning of ‘Vape Time’

The world’s oldest and largest Vape Shop Directory negotiates directly with exciting and innovative vape product manufacturers to bring products to Vape Shop shelves as TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. “We’ve got over 4000 paid Vape Shops in our directory. We’re a place of trust for the brick and mortar stores…. Read more »

VaporSearchUSA is more than just a directory. We are a source and a resource for your success. We are proud to team up with VapeMentors, which offers online educational programs, services & resources for anyone in the vape space, and share their unique course called VAPE U. VAPE U is… Read more »

VAPOR NUTZ – “All-in-One” Mod Stand & Protector! ~ Sets of (4) ID’s to fit most popular tanks and devices. ~ Hexagon shape provides roll-free placement, anywhere! ~ Sponge rubber protects against accidental tips. ~ 3/8” depth makes for easy storage in kits & pouches. Visit Website @ www.VaporNutz.com Contact… Read more »

The Vapor Lounge come escape the toxic smoke of an analog cigarette and enjoy a world of clean water vapor You can enjoy anywhere… Healthier, no second hand smoke, safer, no odor, no smell, no ashes, no ash tray, no trash, can use in many areas, lower costs, taste good,… Read more »

5 Sentences That Will Defeat Ecig Bans And Taxes.

Vendors Are Advocating For A Child-Proof Ban On Ecigs.

Welcome to Aqueous Vapor, the premier e-cigarette shop in Missouri, Kansas, and now Iowa offering an exciting new smoking alternative! Your one stop shop for all vaping necessities! Get started today, or upgrade your existing E-Cigarette collection with new and exciting products from the best suppliers in the industry! VaporSearchUSA… Read more »

If you know someone who may be a good fit for this opportunity please share. Please also share in groups as you see fit. VaporSearchUSA is always seeking out opportunities to help local vapor businesses and vapers/vaprenuers stay connected in the community. In this instance a reputable vendor has asked… Read more »

We had the pleasure of speaking to the team over at Halo Cigs during the VCCT15 in Tampa, FL recently. If you haven’t heard of them before be sure to check them out on VaporSearchUSA and online. Halo Cigs prides itself on providing quality, American made products since 2009. Through… Read more »

ASHEVILLE, NC – The city voted to ban the use of electronic cigarettes on buses and in city facilities, including parks and the U.S. Cellular Center. City Council voted 7-0 on the e-cigarette ban during a regular meeting. The ban was pulled off the consent agenda after council members wanted… Read more »

E-liquids/e-juices and cartridges are both used for electronic cigarettes. When deciding which one you want, it’s important to get familiar with both products first. Electronic Cigarettes with E-liquid E-Liquid’s the liquid that fuels an electronic cigarette. It’s where the nicotine and flavoring for your vaping device comes from. It creates… Read more »

VaporSearchUSA is always seeking out opportunities to help local vapor businesses and vapers/vaprenuers stay connected in the community. In this instance a reputable vendor has asked our help to acquire candidates for a career as a mixologist/flavorist for their company. Relocation assistance available by hiring company. If interested in this… Read more »

Vaporium Store is an online vape shop and has a variety of vape related products to please anyone in the vape community. Brands include Innokin, Kangertech, Space Jam, Aspire and includes starter kits, eliquid, tanks, mods, vape accessories and much more. Check out their online shop by clicking their website… Read more »

Over 3,000 people are expected to attend VCCT15 by the end of today March 1st and if by yesterdays crowds, it’s happening today. Take a look through the gallery pics taken by attendees at VCCT yesterday, Vapor Vault (a brick and mortar vape shop) in St. Petersburg, FL, and other… Read more »

Saturday, 2/28/2015 @ Tampa Bay Convention Center, Tampa FL – Central Hall Get ready to make lots of vape connections and meet hundreds of vendors from around the world at the vape trade show in Tampa, FL this morning E Cigarette Networking Event @ VCCT15 8:30am – Doors open to… Read more »

While traveling home from VCCT15 this afternoon in Tampa, FL today, I happened to get stuck in traffic on Gandy Blvd. I couldn’t help but notice all the signage pointing me to a new store I had not yet noticed before. Like a good vaper…VaporSearchUSA is there. 😉 (pun intended… Read more »

Should I wear the blue and black dress or the white and gold dress? I just can’t decide. In all seriousness though, can we get on with this much anticipated vapor show already? Really looking forward to seeing everyone there and meeting some new faces! Be sure to stop by… Read more »

Vendors are up and at ’em this morning in Tampa Bay, FL getting ready to head over to the Tampa Convention Center this afternoon to begin setting up booths. Here is the schedule for vendors today: Friday, 2/27/2015 2:oopm-7:00pm – Vendor Set-Up in Central Hall 8:00pm – Doors close to… Read more »

Please welcome FIL-R-UP Packaging Solutions to the VaporSearchUSA community – Your E-Liquid Bottling Solution

The team at VaporSearchUSA is always seeking out opportunities to connect reputable vape related services and companies with one another in the vape community. We often are asked who’s who in the industry. That really got us thinking about ways we could be more than just a vape directory and… Read more »

Mig Cigs is a company designed by former smokers with a commitment to producing the finest smoking alternative that we would be proud to utilize ourselves. Mig Cigs sells the highest quality components available in the market for smokeless cigarettes. They have produced the longest lasting e-cig battery on the… Read more »

VaporSearchUSA is more than just a vape directory. We support the vaping community which includes connecting vape shop owners to wholesalers, manufacturers, and distribution companies. We are excited to welcome 3D Vapor to the VaporSearchUSA community as one of our premium wholesale vendors. Check out our B2B/Wholesale page for more… Read more »