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Our Goal

We have really put in a ton of attention to detail in our new e-liquids, liquids that will really capture the Miami style. A style we are setting out to encompass for ourselves in a big way. But for our first set of flavors we wanted to create a collection that seemed somewhat familiar but at the same time infused with our new style. For those craving a solid coffee flavor we created coffee with that Cuban touch, “Cuban Coffee”. For that local pub flavor, we added a swig of Irish Cream in our peach blend, “Peaches and Irish Cream”. We even created an orange creamsicle flavor that will harken back to those old days when the ice cream truck sung it’s tune down the nieborhood and the flavor of that trusty orange creamsicle was the only comfort during those sweltering Miami summers. All our launch flavors follow this pattern, which I believe is a solid stepping-stone towards the direction we want to follow. We wanted to keep true to our south Florida and Latin roots. We decided to embrace the diversity of Miami and make it synonymous with the Hurricane brand. We also enjoy a good old fashion cigar from time to time, so we took the perspective of a fine tobacco coinsure when crafting our tobacco blend flavors. As you will see and taste in our product we want our patrons to be transported to a tropical place where they can literally feel the sunshine on their face and soak in the rich flavors and bold attitude of the Caribbean tropics. You can summarize our flavors in one word, DELICIOUS!  We try not to limit our possibilities when it comes to what flavors we can develop. We have aspirations to develop several unique and innovative flavor lines. We are already drawing up secret plans for new flavor line to be released shortly after the début of the “storm juice” line. In the next year we are looking at an extension to our current line, adding at least 15 more flavors to the collection. But that’s not all we’re planning. In addition to this we are also going to be launching a 2nd line of liquids under the Hurricane banner with a specific theme in mind. For now this is top secret, but we promise you haven’t seen a collection like this all in one place. Expect updates very soon.

We like to think of our liquids as designed to work well with all types of carts. As we were designing our base formula we used all types of carts out there and really ended up with something that performed really well with everything. That was one of our goals from the very start. In the end our main audience is everyone. We wanted no one to turn away simply because we didn’t keep them in mind when designing our product. We know from personal experiences that one maybe have a favorite cart, and that all day vape cart. You can’t turn away from it. And if an e-liquid brand doesn’t vape well with it you find that you just simply won’t buy that liquid anymore.

We see ec-igs overcoming cigarettes in sales in the years to come. We don’t think that there will be anything to stop it. Although it will take some time, because at first glance the consumer is a bit confused or often concerned about this e-cig concept, we think that once someone tries it, most of the time, they see what it can be. As long as more and more quality companies spring up, which will allow the transition to ecigs more of a no-brainer at first impression, the sky’s the limit. With the economy the way it is and no indication that tobacco prices will be going anywhere else but up I see our industry as being poised to embrace the legions of people who have been let down and stepped over by big tobacco, ostracized and persecuted by legislators and the public alike. Recognizing this tipping point in a culture’s development and acknowledging the responsibility we hold as the pioneers of this industry we see the Ecig industry Heading in the direction personal computing took when apple hit the scene back in the day and which has now become a form of personal expression. We feel that with the endless possibilities of flavor and the option of a nicotine free product we can appeal to audiences looking for more than just a cig to calm their nerves, we can evolve and grow beyond the limitations of our own imaginations. If you are interested in something new, fresh, but still top tier quality, you should choose us because we are offering something a bit different from the rest. As we said before, our flavors are and will be heavily influenced by the Latin and multicultural infused city of Miami. We’ve also put great care in creating one of the best e-liquid mixes, producing an excellent level of vapor output and a smooth but noticeable throat hit. I think we’ve really created something special here. We also believe that consumers will really appreciate a liquid producer, which treats this as an art, and not a manufacturing line, knowing that with every recipe we create, and batch we produce, we are keeping the customer in mind.

We hold our selves to the highest standards of quality and always plan on surpassing the expectations of the public while still keeping our values and ethics in line; always remembering that our clients are what keep us alive and progressing. We want everyone to know that we are here to make a great product for you and are striving to be artisans in this craft. We also bring all this to you at reasonable prices, and pass on the savings to the customer whenever we can. We hope that we have the pleasure of serving you a bottle of “Storm Juice”, premium USA made e-liquid, made from USA ingredients, hand crafted in sunny Miami.


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