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Reuven Tenam, A Vaping Entrepreneur With a Story to Tell…Part Four

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Reuven, a Vape Shop entrepreneur decides to start his Vape business in North Carolina. As many of us do, he looked for logical answers. In his case, that was hiring his sister to run it. Make sense? Well, you be the judge!

I pack up the truck with all the merchandise I bought from China, and bottles from the US, and I ordered flavors and so on. I get to Asheville at the end of February and I finally see the location!

I like it, sign a lease, and start putting it together.

From that day when my sister and I started putting it together, things went bad. It turns out that my sister has a lot of issues:

  • She never sleeps, stays up to 4 am, and wakes up 10 or 11 am. I find out she has no sense of time. I’m surprised because she used to work for a call center handling problems for a time share company

She was the manager of that dept. So when I questioned her about retail she said it’s easy, “I handled multiple transactions on many different levels.” At this point I figured, “Let’s just put this together.”

All we did was fight over flavors and merchandise. She said that, “I am a computer wiz,” (full of it I found out).

I said find things such as we need a merchant. She finds a company called Smartwerkx.

It’s completely not what I need; too expensive and too complicated.

I put those responsibilities in her hands so I gave them $500.00 as a deposit for training. Waste of money!

When we finally opened the store she spent 2 weeks trying to install the inventory in the system. They would not help us and all they wanted was a lot of money to sell us the register and the draw. They gave me a merchant to setup the credit card sales and that person had us sign an agreement and then never came through with the printer and the system.

The one good thing my sister did do was to introduce me to Leslie. She’s my manager to this day. I met Leslie in March and she was going to handle my marketing. She used to work with my sister but they both ended up getting fired…I should have known!

All my sister did was argue with me and act as if she was my boss.

Now I am paying her $350.00 a week.

In March, I go back and forth between New York and North Carolina two times buying furniture and show cases. All this time I am running my plumbing company.

In April, we are putting the store together and I go back and forth 10 days there and 2 weeks in NY.

Finally, the store is together. It took lots of time, lots of money, lots of choices, None the less, it’s done.

Next week, let’s see what happens.


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