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Reuven Tenam, A Vaping Entrepreneur With a Story to Tell…Part Three

Vapers Helping Vapers

Now my wife is not happy about this because she thinks my sister is crazy; a liar and a thief. Ha, I should’ve listened…or maybe not. It’s still too early to tell.

I finally got the ball rolling.

It’s now December before she finds a location. She says it’s good…I said shoot me some pic’s. I look at and it does look good. Its 1200 square feet of new building at $1200.00 month rent. All I have to do is start to build some walls, a couple of rooms, and put the place together.

I figure, all together, $25,000 max investment less merchandise with 3 months up front rent.

Here is where the issue with the space: The landlord wanted 3 months plus the last 3 months rent on the lease for a 3 year lease. I don’t mind the 3 months up front but I won’t pay for the back end of a lease even though it was a very good location.

Search continues and two more months’ pass. Is my sister even working this?

In February she finds another location. Its 1600 square feet, fully built, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, 3 complete rooms. All I have to do is assemble furniture, show cases, some odds and ends, and build a clean room for juice…making which for me is very easy.

I looked at the pictures, she liked it, and I said, “Let’s do it.”

Now that Reuven has found a location…What’s Next? Find Out Next Week!

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