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Reuven Tenam, A Vaping Entrepreneur With a Story to Tell…Part Two


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Reuven Tenam, is like many of us, a Vaping entrepreneur. Last week he shared the first installment of his personal story. This is the second part!

Boy was I busy…buying merchandise, cleaning supplies, bottles, flavors, and creating contacts. While I was doing this in Brooklyn, in my home, I was also looking for a location in my area.

It occurred to me that maybe I should look into possibly finding a franchise to work with. I’m looking around and the only company that contacted me was Mad Vapes. They offered licensing only. I asked to meet with someone and they set up a meeting the COO…not in New York, but I’ve got to go to Charlotte for that person to show me around. I said ok.

I booked a flight, told my sister about it, and she came to Charlotte to meet with me and the COO. We toured 3 stores and they took me to their retail building and wholesale building.

It was invigorating and after that day I was hooked.

My sister and I went back to Asheville where I spent that night and the next day we created a plan.

One thing my sister said is that I should consider opening a shop in NC because tax laws are cheaper and regulation, “…may not affect you as much as this is a tobacco growing state.” I left the following day back to NY and thought about what to do. I weighed out the pros and cons to opening in NY or NC:

1- NC, cheaper rent

2- Sales price point on all products will be the same in either state if I want to sell a lot.

3- Space for rent much larger in NC.

4- People are a bit kinder and more acceptable in NC.

5- I am running a plumbing company that is not going away and my son who works for me is coming into his own so this can work in NY.

6- NC, there are only 3 shops in the whole town and only one was nice. I couldn’t miss, I thought!

7-I hire my sister to manage the store so I have 2 people I can trust while I travel back and forth, and I can stay in my sister’s house when I am in town.

8- Asheville is a beautiful town; great food, atmosphere, and I love the mountains.

It took a few days and I decided to open in Asheville. And that’s when I should have shot myself in the head, (Jewish slang.) LOL

So now I told my sister to start looking for a location, and this is what she said, “I have a job looking after this old woman and the family pays me $12 hr. You need to pay me at least $200.00 a week for me to do this so I can devote all my time to this and I can quit my job.”

I’m thinking, “Are you kidding me?” Never mind, I don’t remember how much she was getting a week in total but I agreed. It’s my sister I help her she helps me, right?

What did Reuven decide?We will have more of Reuven’s story next week!

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