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Reuven Tenam’s Story Part Five: Be Careful of Easy Answers

Vapers Helping Vapers

For my sister to manage a store she needs access to money. I get her a debit card with the instructions to purchase only what I approve and to pay people who are helping to put the store together while I am gone.

Since I know nothing about the vaping world, I am looking for a consultant to help me. So, I put an ad in CASSA for this help. I get a call from a guy in Florida and he says, “I read your add and I think I can help you.” We start talking. This gentleman, who will be nameless for legal reasons, played a very big part in this story.

We start talking every day starting in February. By the time I get to Asheville we are the best of friends and we still haven’t met. He writes a blog about vaping, he is teaching me everything he knows at that time, he was vaping for 3 years already, and all he wants to do is work in this industry. Now, I never really had a website so he says, “I will build you a website and handle all your social media. I will build you the site for 650.00 and for 50.00 I will start your FB, Twitter and Reddit account.”

“Reddit? What is Reddit?” I ask. So, he tries to tell me but I am too busy and I trusted him.

Fast forward to April; I went on vacation to Florida with my family and left my sister to put the store together with my instructions.

This is what her boyfriend was telling me while I was in Florida, “Your sister is taking things home from the store; flavors, hardware, etc. She is buying stuff without telling you.”

I am amazed. I told her to stop and she said, “I am buying what we need. Don’t worry about. I will show you the receipts.”

“Ok,” I said, “but, be careful.”

I get back to the store at the end of April and doing the final touch ups to the opening. I hire 3 people plus my sister. I open May 12 2014…

What happens when the store opens? Find out more next week!

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