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VaporSearchUSA and vapRwear, the largest discrete wearable vape brand, team up to offer vape stores nationwide a consignment program with absolutely no financial risk.


vapRwear enters the vape market in an aggressive fashion by allowing the Brick and Mortar vape stores a no cost, and easy method, of testing the sales potential without spending money first.

“VaporSearchUSA’s new ‘2 Steps to a Perfect Fit’ program is booming across the industry. It’s the only program of its kind. With no risk and no financial obligation to try a product in your store for FREE for 30 days, vape shops are jumping at the opportunity to find out if these new vape products will be a good investment for their stores,” said Steve Bederman, CEO of VaporSearchUSA.com.

vapRwear saw a huge opportunity to team up with VaporSearchUSA to meet vape store needs all across the nation.

One vapRwear representative said, “VaporSearchUSA is the world’s largest vape directory. Why would we not take our product to market with them to vape stores everywhere? We have never seen a bigger selling opportunity in this industry to meet the needs of both the vape shops and the consumer!”

Vape Shops are able to see if this new wearable vape clothing is something that will sell in their stores before they ever make a financial commitment.

“A select group or suite of the hottest selling products, are sent for free to the vape shop (minus the shipping cost) to sell for 30 days. If it’s a hot seller, then they pay wholesale rates on the products they sold after the trial period. If the product line doesn’t sell, they send it back no questions asked. Simple right?,” said Fred Stacey, COO of VaporSearchUSA.com.

vapRwear blends comfort with discrete functionality. With a complete vapor system built in to these stylish hoodies, vapRwear is offering an all-in-one vapor system that fits the image and lifestyle of Colorado and like-minded communities.

“It’s the only way you can get these products on your shelf without the financial risk. You will know if they sell before you ever commit your inventory budget on a new product. Why wouldn’t every vape store take advantage of something like this?,” said Bederman.

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Or you can contact any of VaporSearchUSA’s representatives by calling toll free 1-888-928-5523 or emailing sales@vaporsearchusa.com.