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VaporSearchUSA Announces an Incredible Way to ‘Try Before You Buy” Wholesale Products for Vape Shops; E-njoint, Europe’s Leading Vape Supplier, Agrees to Offer the Most Innovative Products to the North American Shops on Consignment!

E-njoint enters the US market in an aggressive fashion by opening a California based office, allowing the Brick and Mortar Vape Shops a no cost and easy method of testing sales potential without spending money first.

“Our goal is to partner with the leading provider of new and unique Vape products and bring them to our 4,000 plus Vape Shops,” said Fred Stacey, COO of VaporSearchUSA, “We’ve been searching for this type of relationship throughout the world for a long time. We believe we have a responsibility to the Vape industry as they look to us as a recognized industry founder.”

VaporSearchUSA.com opened their doors back in 2009, when the industry was nascent. They contributed their directory, at no cost, to the entire industry, worldwide. “It was an act of love, a belief in the benefits of vaping. We invested the money, and the time, as our contribution to assuring a safe and established industry. The early pioneers all did the same thing. We didn’t see it as a money maker; we saw it as a personal and societal benefit. People needed to find products and shops. It was our way of protecting the idea of Vape and setting the foundation for the future,” said Steve Bederman, CEO of VaporSearchUSA.

The well-known directory fully financed the directory until it had thousands of shops, hundreds of advertisers, and well over a million annual searches. “Finally, it got so big that we just had to begin charging. It was either that or not continue. Frankly, it’s a lot of work. Even today, we do our best to be fair to the industry and keep our billing at break even with our costs,” said Stacey.

VaporSearchUSA’s management team in 2015 knew that they could do even more to benefit the Shops. “We’ve been in constant discussion with the brick and mortar side of the industry for years. We’ve also watched as supplier after supplier converged on those stores trying to get their products displayed. Let’s face it, everyone wanted to make a buck!” said Stacey.

“The problem of massive suppliers is that it creates demand, but which products should a shop display? Just like any business, they only have so much they can spend each month on inventory,” said Bederman.

As one shop owner said, “Every supplier wants my money and asks me to sell their products. Every supplier tells me how wonderful they are. The issue is that I have to pay before I even know if the product sells. Even when I can return for credit what doesn’t sell, I’m fronting the money at first. It’s kind of ridiculous.”

VaporSearchUSA.com decided they’d go out and find the supplier/manufacturers that were capable of investing in the US market. “We said to them, ‘If you want to play in this market, then you have to pay.’ Just as every store has had to take the risks associated with starting a business, we asked the vape manufacturers to do the same. Honestly, even though it made complete sense, so far there aren’t many willing to do this. We said ‘we can introduce you to thousands of great shops but YOU MUST GIVE THEM THEIR FIRST ORDER FOR FREE FOR 30 DAYS. If it sells then the shops can enter into normal wholesale terms.’ The first order is the manufacturers risk, not the stores,” said Stacey.

Click the link below to see how E-njoint products can be ordered through VaporSearchUSA on a CONSIGNMENT only basis.


Stacey says, “We believe that E-njoint, as the leading European Vape manufacturer, is an amazing company. They care about the industry,  opened facilities in California, are willing to hire Americans to work in their US offices, and invest in the local Vape communities. They’re the right company at the right time for the right industry; Vaping!”

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