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VaporSearchUSA Announces the Most Exciting Moment since the Beginning of ‘Vape Time’

LogoThe world’s oldest and largest Vape Shop Directory negotiates directly with exciting and innovative vape product manufacturers to bring products to Vape Shop shelves as TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.

“We’ve got over 4000 paid Vape Shops in our directory. We’re a place of trust for the brick and mortar stores. We’ve had numerous discussions with shop owners asking them how we can really help them…beyond the great GPS search locator that we are. They told us that with limited budgets, and time, it becomes really hard to figure out which new products they should risk space, money, and time to display on their shelves,” Steve Bederman, CEO of VaporSearchUSA explains.

There are now thousands upon thousands of Vape Shops throughout the world. In 2009, when www.vaporsearchusa.com began, as a free industry directory, the entire industry had revenue of approximately $40 million dollars. Today it well exceeds $3 Billion dollars.

“As the industry rapidly grows there is a constant flow of new and innovative products. Store owners always want to sell the ones that create interest and cash. The problem is, as any business will tell you, to decide which ones will move and can be dependable is a hard and sometimes risky decision,” said VaporSearchUSA COO, Fred Stacey.

One shop owner put it this way, “Every single day, my email is loaded with spam from all over the world trying to sell me their products. Everyone has ‘the best’ and everyone wants my money. In addition, my phone rings so much that I have to block calls. When I go to trade shows, it’s a viable way to find cool stuff but it’s costly. The crazy thing is that the more new product is out there, the more confusing it is as to which one’s I should display that will sell.”

The products have to sell, that’s the message. VaporSearchUSA decided, since they are trusted and have been supporting the industry since early days, to do something about it, “We decided that we’ll be the ones to test and interview new products and companies. When we find excellent products, those companies will have to do it our way. They right way for Vape Shops to make good decisions.”

The leading directory negotiates with manufacturers, once the product is selected, and insists that the first order be only on consignment. “It’s a non-starter if they propose any other term,” said Bederman.

“All a Vape Shop has to do is to be in the directory, most shops are. If not, it takes minutes to join. Then, contact us; try the products in their stores for 30 days without paying. After 30 days, they will know if they sell. If they do, order more as normal wholesale terms,” said Stacey.

The staff at www.VaporSearchUSA.com says, “It’s the right way. It’s the safest way. It’s the TRY BEFORE YOU BUY WAY!”

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